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GCSE Results 2017

The Gilberd School is delighted to announce once again an excellent set of GCSE results that will enable our students to progress onto a range of Post 16 courses.

Headteacher Linda Exley, states “I am very proud that our students have continued to meet incredibly high standards and all their hard work has resulted in students making excellent progress with a vast number of students achieving the highest possible grades.  We are delighted with the achievement of all students, however we would like to highlight the outstanding academic performance of the following students:

Emily Wright (10x Grade 9/A*); Rebecca Gil-Lubeiro (8x Grade 9/A*); Sophie Mason (7x Grade 9/A*); Azamat Kuvandikov (7x Grade 9/A*); Hope Kedian (7x Grade 9/A*); Charlie Lockwood (8x Grade 9/A).”

 The vast majority of students achieved a good pass in both English and Mathematics. We were especially pleased with the proportion of A* and A/ 9 and 8 grades achieved and as such, a record number of our students are progressing onto highly challenging post 16 courses. We are also delighted that an increasing number of students have achieved the necessary grades to move onto higher level STEM pathways. As always, the raw figures hide many stories of students who have struggled with adversity and yet still achieved, or who may not have gained headline grabbing results but have outperformed perhaps even their own expectations. We are equally proud of each and every one of these.

This outstanding performance is due to the hard work and determination of students, staff and parents.  We are particularly pleased since The Gilberd continues to offer a traditional school curriculum that ensures all students pursue full and respected KS4 courses.   We are also proud that students continue to benefit from high quality STEM, music and arts and PE provision, provision we feel is vital for a high quality education."